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China's automobile body panel mold of the status quo and prospect[ 2015-12-02 ]
The macro sense, auto parts mold mold is a general term for the entire car, such as injection molds, stamping molds and forging molds. Auto cover means constitute an automobile bod...
Automotive mold industry market analysis to help industry develop high-end smart manufacturing[ 2015-12-02 ]

Abstract: Auto mold means used in the automotive field mold. Mold is a tool for forcing metal or non-metal molding, is an essential basis for industrial production technology and ...
Chinese automobile mold companies rely on "overtaking"[ 2015-12-02 ]
The car industry is a measure of a country important indicator of industrial level. In automotive design, development and manufacturing process, the design and manufacture of body ...
Innovation and electricity suppliers grasping the broader automobile mold industry or way out![ 2015-12-02 ]
At present, China's auto industry development and more powerful, more and more car owners. In the automotive manufacturing, according to the China Association of Automobile Manufa...
Optimistic about the domestic auto mold refinance overseas markets[ 2015-12-02 ]
Automobile mold industry transfer to China and import substitution trend is very clear, the ball automotive die-casting mold market space more than 100 billion yuan, the company's...
2016 Shanghai International Automobile Mould Exhibition[ 2015-12-02 ]
CIAPE2016 Tenth China International Automobile Fair Automobile processing technology and equipment Hall Time: 25-27 September 2016 Venue: Shanghai Hongqiao National Exhibition Cent...
Shou Shu Industrial Park with a total investment 100 million yuan cars and household appliances mold[ 2015-12-02 ]
Recently, Anhui Fu long mold Limited annual output of 500 sets of automobile and home appliance mold production line construction project held a groundbreaking ceremony in Shou Cou...
West China mold industry is expected to usher in rapid development[ 2015-12-02 ]
China's western regions due to many factors, natural history and geography caused by inadequate infrastructure, the overall economic backwardness, industrial underdevelopment, bus...
3D printed parts or to change the car struck the mold industry in the future[ 2015-12-02 ]
Nowadays, with the wave of strikes Industry 4.0, 3D printing technology once again pushed to the cusp. For the automotive industry, the biggest contribution of 3D printing technolo...
China will become the country's largest car mold[ 2015-12-02 ]
China's auto manufacturers over Europe to become the world's first no? International Mould Association Secretary-General Kim die, CEO Luo Baihui that this goal can be achieved im...

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